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Our Women's Health rehabilitation program not only addresses direct pelvic floor impairments, but all the factors contributing to the healthy function your pelvic floor...


Physical Therapy is not just rehabilitation, it is also prevention. That is our reason for offering injury prevention programs and screening to target those areas that could, potentially in the present or future, prove to be especially important to your sport or activity performance.


Ocean Physical Therapy offers a unique approach to rehabilitation, emphasizing functional 3D movement with sport specific drills or “play” to promote movement retraining, proper development, and functional mobility. Our therapy team will perform a comprehensive evaluation of the child or teen and develop an individualized program addressing his or hers specific need or sport. Treatment will integrate fun activities, drills, and family members in order to promote active participation and motivation. We strive to provide a fun, dynamic, and welcoming environment so that he or she looks forward to coming to their sessions!


Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for gold, dance, football, yoga, Pilates, etc., in your life.

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