Physical Therapy


Ocean Physical Therapy offers a patient centric approach to treating our patients. We work with each patient individually to understand the cause of your condition, and we provide treatment that gets you as well as we can and teach you how to prevent a recurrence.

We recognize that every patient is unique and will respond better to a customized approach, rather than boiler plate solutions. We pride ourselves on finding the best possible solutions to your needs, and making it both doable and fun as you rehabilitate with us.

We pride ourselves on keeping cutting edge in our field and ensure that all staff are trained in current treatment methods. We work with all range of patients, from someone recovering from a fall or other injury, to triathletes, and we can adjust treatment methods to the comfort of the patient.

We are known for our focus on getting patients to a level of function that matches their needs: from picking up items dropped on the floor, to getting ready for a Pro Volleyball season.

A more technical way of explaining some of our approach is the following:

  • We offer a unique rehabilitation program emphasizing functional three dimensional (3D) movements to restore normal movement mechanics: Mobility,stability and balance.
  • Utilizing Applied Functional Science, Gary Gray’s science based approach (hyperlink),this chain reaction concept helps to identify the cause of your condition, not just the symptom.
  • We use a top to bottom approach and look at the whole body’s contribution to your injury or condition (i.e. strength or mobility deficiencies, balance deficits, vertigo, muscle spasms, gait impairments, stiffness, referred pain, etc…)

Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for gold, dance, football, yoga, Pilates, etc., in your life.

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