Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf


Our TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Lissa Trevino, PT, ATC, CGFI-3 has been certified by Titleist Performance Institute to provide the latest in golf-specific health and fitness with techniques that TPI uses to physically screen and prescribe exercise to their athletes.

Ocean Physical Therapy’s TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructors will identify your specific performance factors that limit you from reaching your potential. We will effectively screen and identify any medical impairments or physical factors that are limiting your golf performance. After screening you will be given the opportunity to have a specialized prescription of customized drills and exercises to help eliminate these limitations.

What is unique about our program is that we work closely together with your golf pro and Fit*Minded fitness trainer to target your golf skill needs, identify physical limitations related to those skills, and prescribe an effective training program for strength and conditioning that will improve your game. Your team, comprised of your golf pro, your TPI certified physical therapist, and your Fit*Minded fitness trainer, will all work together to improve your skills, decrease your handicap, and increase your golf enjoyment!


Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for gold, dance, football, yoga, Pilates, etc., in your life.

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