Women’s Health


Our Women’s Health rehabilitation program addresses the whole body, working on posture, strength, and flexibility of the legs hips and spine, contributing to the healthy function of the pelvic floor.

Our women’s health physical therapists have specialized training in treating impairments specific to women throughout their lifetime, especially those related to pelvic dysfunctions. Many women encounter these conditions at some point in their lives, but few know that they can get better through rehabilitation tailored to their specific needs. Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction may include a sense of heaviness or “falling out” in the vagina, inability to hold urine during exercise or exertion (i.e. sneezing, coughing, lifting), a strong or frequent urge to urinate, leaking of feces, pain in the lower abdomen or vagina, pain with urination and/or defecation, and pain during intercourse.

Our integrative approach to female health can treat the following diagnoses:
* Pelvic floor muscle spasm
* Urinary incontinence
* Fecal incontinence
* Cystocele/rectocele
* Dyspareunia
* Interstitial cystitis
* Pregnancy-related pain
* Post-operative pelvic floor reconstruction

Your physical therapist will use manual therapy as well as functional movement techniques to facilitate proper movement and function of the entire pelvic girdle.

Specific treatment techniques may include:
* Internal and external soft tissue mobilization or trigger point release
* Joint mobilization
* Stretching
* Biofeedback
* Manual facilitation of the pelvic floor muscles
* Body mechanics and postural training
* Functional 3D exercise
* Modalities as needed to increase pelvic floor muscle strength or decrease pain


Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for gold, dance, football, yoga, Pilates, etc., in your life.

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