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What is Athleticism® and its benefits?
Athleticism® is one of the highest levels and most comprehensive sports performance training programs. Amateur athletes, professional athletes and coaches currently utilize this program to enable athletes to: Increase speed, power, balance, flexibility, agility, coordination, vertical jump, core strength, eye speed and concentration and reduce risk of injury.

Why Choose Athleticism® Over Other Sports Performance Programs?
Athleticism trains both the mental and physical aspects of sport that often get overlooked during training.

• Drills to maintain focus during times of intense competition.
• Trains both sides of the brain to enhance coordination and ambidexterity.
• Eye drills “develop visual focus, reflex, perception and awareness skills.” Dr. Bill Harrison, Opthalmologist.
• Efficient, effective and graceful sport specific movement patterns.
• Dynamic warm-up (AIS) stretches to prepare for competition and reduce injury.

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History of Athleticism® Technique
The program was pioneered over 40 years ago, by world-renown strength coach, Dean Brittenham. Dean is the former track & field coach for the University of Nebraska and the former director of the Elite Athlete Program at Scripps Clinic, in La Jolla, Ca. He has trained athletes at the amateur, professional and Olympic level in most every sport. Dean’s son, Greg Brittenham is the current strength & conditioning coach for the New York Knick’s NBA and utilizes the same methodology as his father.

Athleticism® Program, Fees and Schedule
We run athleticism in-house and at beaches, parks and schools depending on the needs of the athlete and the sport. Our instructors are certified fitness trainers and/or physical therapists who specialize in sports performance training as well as in movement science. Our trained eyes can pick up an athlete’s abnormal movement patterns during training while at the same time teaching strategies to correct these limitations and enhance overall performance.


Our goal is for you to achieve fast, fun, functional recovery that enables you to pursue your passion for gold, dance, football, yoga, Pilates, etc., in your life.

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